The Durango Real Estate Guide for Military Families Relocating

The Durango Real Estate Guide for Military Families Relocating

  • Kyle Kunkel
  • 12/7/23

Navigating Durango's real estate market with ease and confidence.


When a family in the military moves to a new location, it is common for them to experience a change of scenery. The process of entering the real estate market in Durango presents one with a variety of one-of-a-kind options and considerations. The purpose of this book is to give military families who are moving to Durango with helpful advice that will ensure a smooth transition into the thriving community at large.


1. Proximity to Military Bases: Strategic Location

 Durango Home with Mountain Views

Consider homes strategically located near military bases for convenience. The image features a Durango home with mountain views, emphasizing the town's scenic beauty and proximity to essential military facilities.


2. Military-Friendly Neighborhoods: Community Support

Welcoming Neighborhood in Durango

Explore neighborhoods known for their military-friendly atmosphere. The picture showcases a welcoming neighborhood in Durango, highlighting the sense of community and support that resonates with military families.


3. School Quality: Educational Opportunities

Local School in Durango

Prioritize areas with quality schools for your children. The image features a local school in Durango, emphasizing the town's commitment to providing excellent educational opportunities for military families.


4. Veteran Services: Accessible Support Networks

Veteran Support Center in Durango

Tap into accessible veteran services and support networks. The picture features a veteran support center in Durango, showcasing the town's commitment to providing resources for military families.


5. Housing Assistance Programs: Financial Guidance

 Durango Realtor Assisting Military Family

Explore housing assistance programs and enlist the help of professionals familiar with military relocations. The image depicts a Durango realtor assisting a military family, highlighting the expertise available for a smooth transition.


6. Outdoor Recreation: Quality of Life

Family Enjoying Durango's Outdoor Recreation

Consider the town's outdoor recreation options for an enhanced quality of life. The picture shows a family enjoying Durango's outdoor activities, emphasizing the town's appeal beyond housing considerations.


7. Local Community Support: Integration and Connection

Military Family Participating in Community Event

Engage with local community events for seamless integration. The image features a military family participating in a community event, showcasing Durango's welcoming spirit.



The city of Durango provides military families who are navigating the real estate market with a warm and inviting embrace. Durango transforms from merely a vacation into a place that military families can proudly call home by taking into account strategic factors, receiving support from the community, and having a plethora of business prospects.

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