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I moved back to Colorado 8 years ago with my wife, dreaming we would-be homeowners. With family roots here for 86 years, we knew it was possible. After hard work and strategic planning, our family made the dream a reality. We now get to call Durango home and play in this wonderland. My story is not unique; many people dream of owning a home in Colorado, whether a t pee or a mountain modern luxury home with views of the mountains and within walking distance of the river and bike trails. I believe if you are selling your home or buying a home, it is one of the most important decisions you make, and aligning yourself with the best team can be the difference between a game-winning home run or strike three bases loaded. Over the past 33 years, my team has helped hundreds of clients like you achieve selling at the top of the market or buying their dream home. In the following three paragraphs, I will share our value propositions, the lifestyle of Colorado, and why we live here.

Kyle Kunkel is a global thought leader in the real estate industry. With his proven, repeatable systems backed by market research, Kyle & his team help clients sell for up to 18% more than traditional methods. He also has a guaranteed sales program. In the last year, Kyle has spent over 100K on world-class education, marketing tools, and technology to offer his clients the best.

We live here for family but enjoy the mountains, rivers, lakes, fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, camping, golf, cribbage, and community. Kyle's team runs the Durango Lifestyle Newsletter. Subscribe here for weekly updates, events, best places to eat, shop ex..., and local secrets.

I am a family man—my beautiful wife and our three kids are my world. Plus, our two dogs. Being a real estate agent in SW Colorado & helping people call this slice of heaven on earth "home" is an honor. Honesty, integrity, and building trust are the core values of my business. Kyle enjoys volunteering and giving back to nonprofits locally and worldwide. I will work harder & execute the plan to help you reach your goals in investing, buying, or selling homes. Fun facts: they have been to 24-plus countries and like to play golf, cribbage, work out & they make a mean green chile.

If you would like to work with Kyle & his team, please fill out an inquiry with your goals in selling or buying your home. 

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Kyle help others believe theirs dreams are possible by creating value & opportunity through real estate investments. Investing in multi family, Rv parks, hotels and single family.

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